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Needlework has always been considered a magical craft. One can easily induce a trace state while repeating tiny stitches, subconsciously contemplating the content of your work. The results of your joyous efforts can become a family heirloom, a precious gift, or a powerful spell. These patterns are designed with great love and care, each element is magically relevant and auspicious in its placement. Use them to honor important events, people or holidays, cast effective spells or decorate your home. I hope that the use of these patterns will bring you great peace, joy, and empowerment.

With love and respect,

Terra Celeste

Merry Meet!

On these pages you will find a veritable fairy ring of needlework patterns, gift items and craft ideas especially designed for the practicing Pagan, Wiccan, Witch or Fairy Friend.

It is my wish to contribute beauty to your life in the form of gorgeous house wares, clothing, stationary, art, and handmade projects that will amplify the magic in and around you and support your high state of mind. Many of my patterns are spells in themselves and by working them you weave a loving magic

Our cross stitch charts are Downloadable / Printable PDF documents that you can obtain immediately after purchase. There is NO WAITING & NO POSTAGE COST!

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